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Mission & Vision

mission WEB2Our Mission

We strengthen lives and secure futures.

Our Vision

The Goodman Community Center is a 501-C3 nonprofit organization. Our vision is:
A community that's thriving because everyone is valued and has the resources they need to succeed. 

Community Statement

The Goodman Community Center is committed to being a safe and welcoming place for our whole community. We call the values we teach and aspire to every day “Goodmanship” — trust, responsibility, respect, fairness, caring and community. We long for the day when we don’t need to make these kinds of statements. Until then, we will continue our work toward becoming a vibrant community where we all value our differences and celebrate our common humanity.

If you feel unwelcome here, please contact our director so we can do better in the future. 

-The Goodman Community Center
Becky Steinhoff, Executive Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 241-1574

Our Values

Our conduct and attitudes reflect our core values and these core values transcend cultural, religious, racial, gender, sexual identity, and socioeconomic differences.

  • Fairness - Be impartial and objective when considering the perspective and needs of others.
  • Caring- Be kind, compassionate, and understanding toward every member of our community.
  • Community - Recognize that the contributions of every individual build a strong connected community.
  • Trust - Make ethical decisions and never compromise on integrity.
  • Respect - Treat every individual with dignity and honor and without disparagement.
  • Responsibility - Make a commitment to accountability and diligently fulfill each obligation.