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Goodman / Atwood Alumni Project

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Thank you for celebrating at our alumni reunion!

We'rre so grateful to have gathered with current participants and past alumni at our first ever Goodman-Atwood Alumni Reuion. If you couldn't make it to the reunion, please consider taking an alumni survey below.

Our alumni impact study

This year the Goodman Community Center (formerly the Atwood Community Center) is working on an exciting special project that focuses on reaching out to and engaging with the many past and present alumni of the Center. 

We are calling this the “Goodman Center Reflections: Alumni and Community Impact” project and hope it will allow us to tell the story of how the Center has impacted lives in our communities. It is important to capture the impact that this engagement has had on alumni of the Center, so that we can continue to develop and offer programs to individuals and families that help them to strengthen lives and secure futures. Every person that completes the form will be entered into a drawing to win a GCC gift bag.

Take the GCC Alumni Survey

If you are an alumnus of the Center, your participation is important. Please help by:

  • Taking the survey, forwarding and posting the survey to social media and list servs, connecting us with other alumni

For more information, contact Chong Moua at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This project is part of a new yearlong partnership between GCC and the UW-Madison Center for Humanities. 

Alumni photos