Goodman Community Center | Mission, Vision & Values

The Goodman Community Center strengthens lives and secures futures.

We envision a community that’s thriving because everyone is valued and has the resources they need to be successful.

The Goodman Six

These six values are part of the fabric of the Goodman Community Center. Every day, we strive to embody these values in ourselves as staff members and guide our program participants to internalize them as well. Together, the Goodman Six help us work to strengthen lives and secure futures.

The Goodman Community Center Values - The Goodman Six


All staff and program participants at the Goodman Center are committed to creating and maintaining a community that respects and values diverse experiences. We embrace a growth mindset and engage the perspectives and voices of our community to ensure they are reflected in our culture.


We seek out and value diverse perspectives and treat all people with dignity. We make a conscious effort to find the strength in all people, and communicate with intentionality and empathy.


We have the honesty, courage and ability to make the right decision – especially when no one is looking. All actions have impact, and it is up to us to anticipate the impact of our actions and strive to be our best selves.


Every person comes to the table with a unique set of experiences. We strive to learn more about and understand as best we can those experiences, and to adjust to each person’s needs and rights as an individual.


We give kindness, compassion and understanding to everyone in our community, including ourselves.


We believe that people are honest and genuine, and in turn, we embrace those characteristics in ourselves. The people of our community are reliable, and we are safe.