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Announcement from Becky

laura zastrow photography mission montage 001 14webDear generous & caring community,

Over the last 31 years I have been proud to be part of an organization that has become such a vital community resource for more than 35,000 people each year. The Goodman Community Center is a thriving eco-system made up of talented and dedicated staff, participants of all ages and a vibrant community of supporters. 

It is with the full confidence in this eco-system that I am stepping down as the Executive Director at the end of 2020 to pursue a new opportunity.   

I also believe that even in the midst of this pandemic, the Goodman Community Center is in a good spot to transition to new leadership. My transition was planned before the onset of the coronavirus, but I delayed this announcement so I could provide leadership and stability for the Center and the community through this unsettling time. Although it is a challenging time, beginning this transition now is critical in order to find the best possible successor to lead this amazing organization.  

Our board and leadership team have a succession plan and have been working with me to ensure continuity of the quality programs you’ve come to expect from Goodman — while we find, hire and introduce you to the next executive director who will lead Goodman into the future. I will still be in the neighborhood, and will continue to support Goodman and the new leadership team in 2021 and beyond. After all, there is little in my life that I care more about than the wellbeing of this organization. 

It has been such a privilege to lead at Goodman for the past 31 years. I will profoundly miss our incredible staff and volunteers, and the community (you!) who has enabled us to become not just bigger, but more effective at strengthening lives and securing futures.  

I will stay in touch with you as the transition process unfolds, but please feel free to reach out to me. I always love to talk with you.  

Thank you, 

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Becky Steinhoff,

Executive Director at Goodman Community Center 

Stay tuned to learn more in the coming weeks and months about how the Center is equipped and ready to handle this transition.

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