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#BeTheGoodMSN: Tyrone Goes Above and Beyond to Feed Our Kids

When preschool students wouldn't eat, our program chef knew he had to help.

April 25, 2022 |
Two preschool students smile at the camera. In front of them is a plate of
Students in our preschool and 4K program get three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and snack. Goodman Assistant Director of Food Resources Tyrone Reese makes sure those meals follow dietary guidelines and are delicious to boot.

Penelope and Violet started in our preschool last fall. Everything was great — until lunch. And then snack time. And breakfast the next day. Both wouldn’t eat any of the food our chefs made.

When Tyrone Reese, our assistant director of food resources, heard about them, he didn’t skip a beat. That day he contacted their parents and found out what they eat at home. He got recipes for their favorites and made them. When the sisters saw familiar foods, they started eating again. And before long, both trusted Goodman chefs to make food they like and also started trying new foods.

Now the pair scarf down everything chef Tyrone serves up. In fact, the sisters’ parents have asked Tyrone for a few of his recipes — so they can make some of the girls’ favorite Goodman meals.


At Goodman, we always choose kindness, and given that you're here right now, we suspect you do too. We're collecting stories of goodness.

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