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From the Desk of Letesha Nelson

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February 24, 2022 |
Letesha Nelson and her grandson smile while volunteering at the Goodman Community Center Thanksgiving Basket Drive in 2021.
Letesha Nelson and her grandson Xavier volunteer at our Thanksgiving Basket Drive last year.

Dear friends & neighbors,

Black History Month Goodman Community Center

It's been a whole month since you last heard from me, but it feels like I was just writing a letter two days ago. All that to say: 2022 is off to a swift and active start! It’s hard to believe that February is already almost over.

I recently reflected on what Black History Month means to me and shared it with our staff. This month has always been important to me and my family, and at Goodman I feel blessed to be surrounded by Black excellence every day. As I told my grandson, Xavier, the Black youth in our community – including him – are living examples of Black history in their commitment to helping others. You don’t have to win the Nobel Peace Prize like MLK or host a talk show like Oprah to make history. You’re doing it by shaping your community, by advocating for your neighbors and your family.

At Goodman, the majority of our youth are kids of color, and our program leaders and staff work hard to make sure they have opportunities to display and expand on their greatness. I couldn’t be prouder of the work students and staff are doing, and I hope you are too.

Take care,

Letesha Nelson, CEO & Executive Director

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