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From the Desk of Letesha Nelson

A return to in-person learning, plus celebrating Girls Inc.

March 18, 2021 |

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I have two things I’d like to share with you today.

International Women's Day 2021

First, you may have heard the announcement that the Madison school district has started a phased return to the classroom for all students, with the option to remain virtual for families who prefer it. I see this as wonderful news for our young people who have been longing to reconnect with their peers.

This also means that our GCC family will pivot once again. That’s something our teachers and staff have gotten so good at in the last year, and though change has brought with it challenges and stress, I’ve been so impressed by how willing this group of people is to roll up their sleeves and do what’s best for the children and families we serve. If your child or a child you know needs afterschool care, please get in touch.

Second, we’re a little more than halfway through Women’s History Month, and we’re also about halfway to our goal of raising $50,000 for Girls Inc. of Greater Madison. WOW. I had heard that when the Goodman Center needs its community, its community steps up, but to see it happen live and in person is really something to see. Thank you to all who have already contributed to this great fundraiser!

And here’s some more good news. Remember that $10,000 match from a group of generous Girls Inc. supporters? So many of you stepped up to support our girls that we hit that goal! This group was so happy, they’ve asked to match another $5,000 in donations and hope even more of you will step up to support Girls Inc. of Greater Madison. If you've already taken advantage of the first match, good news is that another donation would be eligible for this match.

The warmth coming from this community and the commitment of our staff to make sure our neighbors have the support they need continues to warm my heart and inspire my spirit. Thank you for being here with us every step of the way.

Take care,

Letesha Signature

Letesha Nelson, CEO / Executive Director

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