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From the Desk of Letesha Nelson

Summer is in full swing, and wow, our kids are having a great time!

July 15, 2021 |

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Goodman Center Summer 2021 Beekeeping

If you follow Goodman on Facebook or Instagram, you know we’ve been sharing some of the very cool things our kids have been up to this summer. Every day, I watch kids stream out of our buildings to walk to local parks or the library, to work in our gardens or go on a big adventure like a trip to Cave of the Mounds.

Just last week, I was talking to two middle school youth who were excited because they were going to take care of some bees that day. Beekeeping! I don’t know about you, but I never had the opportunity to experience something so unique when I was a kid.

These young people are having the best summer, and I have to give a big shout-out to our staff who are making it happen. They’ve worked tirelessly to set up field trips and activities, collaborations with community partners – and these busy days filled with adventure are all thanks to their hard work.

Summer is a beautiful frenzy of activity at the Goodman Center, and I’ve loved seeing it all in action. Some of my own grandchildren are coming to Goodman this summer, and hearing the excitement in their voices as they recount their day is a wonderful reminder of how important the work we’re doing is – work we can do because of YOU. Thank you.

Take care,

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Letesha Nelson, CEO / Executive Director

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