Goodman Community Center | From the Desk of Letesha Nelson: June 20,…

From the Desk of Letesha Nelson: June 20, 2024

Have pride in yourself and your place at Goodman.

June 20, 2024 |
Event Coordinator Juliette with her TEENworks staff during her last shift at Goodman.

I've been thinking a lot about pride these last few weeks. June is, of course, Pride Month for our LGBTQ+ friends and family. I’ve always thought June to be such a fitting month for a community to celebrate their refusal to be anything but their authentic selves. June is when we see the most hours of sunlight, when the neighborhood kids get that 'just out of school' energy to spend going around on their bikes with friends and when parents get to see their babies graduate and start to plan their futures. Every day, June presents us each with something to be proud of in our communities and ourselves.

But specifically, June reminds me how grateful I am for the pride our staff, volunteers and participants have for Goodman. Our youth programs are gearing up for summer, which means taking time to train new and existing staff and reflecting on what small changes could make a big difference to participants. It's a process that takes a lot of pride and commitment, and I'm privileged to watch each team grow together and as individuals. We've had volunteer groups do a summer sweep of our grounds, and everyone from longtime participants to our neighbors can take pride in that effort as they pass through.

What are you proud of this June? Whatever it is, I hope you find ways, as I have, to reflect and be grateful for its presence in your life.


Letesha Nelson, President & Executive Director

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