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FYI is Planning an Exciting 2022

Fit Youth Initiative (FYI) already has some cool things planned for the start of the new year.

January 12, 2022 |

By Trevor Moores, GCC Fit Youth Initiative sports manager

Goodman Community Center trip to Tyrol Basin - Fit Youth Initiative (FYI)
A student learns to ski last year at Tyrol Basin.

Goodman Community Center’s Fit Youth Initiative has some incredibly fun things planned for this upcoming year. Starting in January, we are going to take a few trips out to Tyrol Basin and learn how to ski from their professional trainers. We are also planning on taking a trip in the spring to Milwaukee to watch the Milwaukee Brewers play baseball. FYI’s canoe and outdoor programs are still going strong, and we are excited to bring those back this summer.

Along with those activities, FYI is going to continue to offer sports camps for youth in grades K-5. These sport camps are focused on teaching and encouraging the growth and development of skills and life lessons that sports provide. FYI offers all sorts of classes for basketball, soccer, baseball, flag football, volleyball and others soon to be added.

These classes have the benefit of teaching players the skills that they will need to succeed in their chosen sports, while also helping them develop a love for the game or even helping them figure out which sports they like in the process.

FYI’s goal is — and always will be — to inspire and encourage youth to participate in physically healthy activities. Goodman does this because it firmly believes in the benefits that come from good physical health, as well as the mental and emotional health that comes along with being physically active. FYI strives to create equitable programs that bring these benefits to all players, regardless of economic or social standing, because every child deserves the chance to participate in and experience the joy playing sports.

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