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Goodman's Career Closet supports job seekers

UPDATE: Our closet is well stocked and we are not currently accepting donations.

July 1, 2022 |
Goodman Community Center's Career Closet provides employment seekers in the community with a wardrobe and personal care items.
Shantrice Solis helped Goodman Community Center start a Career Closet, where the community can pick out clothing appropriate for job interviews.

By Ivy Fan, Eastside News

What do you think you need to look good for an interview? Chances are, it can be found in the Career Closet at the Goodman Community Center.

Newly opened in June, the Closet offers racks of gently used suits, ties, dresses and shoes to choose from, as well as other helpful items like makeup and deodorant to help people get ready. All the items are free to take home and keep.

To visit the Closet, the community can contact Shantrice Solis, GCC’s community engagement specialist, to set up an appointment, whether or not they are involved with one of Goodman’s programs. By asking people to meet with her, Solis hopes to offer more support and encouragement to people on their journey beyond simply providing clothes. Each person will go home with an outfit of their own, a personal care kit and tried-and-true interview tips.

As she manages the Closet for GCC, Solis draws from her own experiences using a career closet in high school, where she received an “interview kit” including a blue blazer and a booklet of interview skills that she used to land her first job. She remembers how useful it was to receive high-quality clothes that would be unaffordable otherwise and guidance along the way.

“It was really helpful to have someone there,” Solis said.

Now, Solis wants to help others feel supported as she did as they prepare to secure a job.

“All you need is a boost of confidence and a nice outfit,” she said.

The Closet will be recommended as a resource in GCC’s TEENworks program, helping to prepare teens to find jobs outside of Goodman. It will also make appearances at the Fritz Food Pantry twice a month for more access.

Though the Career Closet has just started, Solis envisions offering different career-oriented skills, like interview preparation and resume writing workshops, to provide more robust support to prospective interviewers.

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