Goodman Community Center | Here's to The Cake Maker, Alexandra…

Here's to The Cake Maker, Alexandra DeGrandis

Cake baker, salad maker and volunteer since 1997!

July 26, 2022 |

One of Goodman’s longstanding volunteers, Alexandra DeGrandis loves her original nickname of “Cake Baker & Salad Maker.”

Back in 1997 Alexandra came to Goodman for a Tai Chi class and quickly found herself in the kitchen helping with salads and desserts for the senior meal. She was excited to share her love of baking and desire to support the program and her fellow seniors, volunteers and staff.

Every week for 23 years Alexandra baked cakes on Fridays. She’d freeze them so they would be ready for decoration on Wednesday just before the senior meal got started. Alexandra frequently made holiday-themed cakes, putting even more of herself into the special decorations and unique flavors. Over the years Alexandra learned the birthdays of not just seniors but staff and regular volunteers, wheeling around her cart of cakes to personally deliver the handmade birthday treats – ending every visit in a chorus of Happy Birthday.

Alexandra’s talents stretched beyond the kitchen to the dance floor. As a local band practiced together during senior meal she’d get up to do the Electric Slide. Soon other seniors, volunteers, interns and staff were jumping up to join in and ask her to teach them.

Our Cake Maker may have hung up her volunteer apron, but Alexandra still tries to come as often as she can to start up her signature Electric Slide with seniors and staff. Come join her on Fridays!

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