Goodman Community Center | It's hard to have hope today

It's hard to have hope today

Goodman's response to the elementary school shooting in Texas.

May 25, 2022 |
"We" is greater than "I." Now more than ever, we need to put what's best for the community ahead of what's best for the individual.

This morning, across the country, parents sent their kids off to school with heavy hearts. Teachers opened their classrooms and ran through their active shooter plan – because they all have one – for the thousandth time. Neighbors paused for a moment when they saw the school bus drive by.

It’s hard to have hope – today especially. It feels impossible to hold on to hope when someone can walk into an elementary school – or church or grocery store – and take innocent lives. When these same senseless acts of violence keep happening again and again and again.

It’s ok to not feel ok today. It’s ok – and necessary – to prioritize your mental health. Take a break. Cry. Get angry. And as you do, please, do not despair. Find that hope again. Our children are depending on it.

They need us to believe that when everyone is thriving, our community thrives. When we lift one up, we lift us all up. When we care for every individual as though they are family – because we are one human family – we all win.

It takes work to ensure every child, youth and adult has access to the mental health services they need.

It takes action to keep kids, families, and neighbors safe from guns.

It takes commitment to dismantle structural racism and white supremacy.

It takes unity to build a community of compassion and empathy.

And it takes all of us to make this a reality.

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