Goodman Community Center | National Autism Awareness Month
The Goodman Center and all our programs will also be closed on Monday, July 4. We will reopen with regular hours on Tuesday, July 5.

National Autism Awareness Month

Introducing a new partnership with KGH Autism Services.

April 27, 2022 |

April is National Autism Month, and we're taking this opportunity to introduce our partnership with KGH Autism Services! Part of our mission of strengthening lives and securing futures includes ensuring we're living and cultivating a culture of acceptance.

This year, our Elementary Program has partnered closely with KGH and their amazing staff to implement new accommodations and standards of practice to strengthen our current educational routines.

Their philosophy of working from a space of integrity, compassion, teamwork, innovation and responsibility aligns beautifully with Goodman's mission, vision and values. The KGH Autism Services mission is to "provide individualized and evidence-based services to individuals with autism, their families and those who serve them in an effective, ethical, and value-driven manner."

We're excited to learn more and build upon this exciting partnership!

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