Goodman Community Center | Printable Black History Month Cards

Printable Black History Month Cards

Download and print these Black History “trading cards” to help young people in your life learn more about notable Black Americans who contributed (or are contributing) to the history of the United States.

February 28, 2022 |
Three cards featuring information about Coretta Scott King, Jackie Robinson and Mary Jackson.

Some of our Girls Inc. team pulled together cards with information about notable Black leaders in American history (as well as some leaders who are currently leading today) to share with their youth participants. We thought it’d be a great resource for our community as well.

These “trading cards” can be printed and shared with people young and old who want to learn more about the contributions of Black Americans to our country and communities. Learn more about people like bell hooks, Coretta Scott King, Angela Davis, Lizzo and more.

Printable Black History Month Cards

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