Goodman Community Center | Summer Volunteer Celebration!

Summer Volunteer Celebration!

A successful summer for our volunteers deserved a grand celebration!

August 16, 2022 |

“That was a blast! Thanks for acknowledging us volunteers and getting us together. Everyone at our table was really interesting and getting to meet staff was so fun.”

These were some of the kind words sent via email from one of our volunteers after our annual Volunteer End of Summer Celebration that made our hearts sing! As often as we can, GCC staff try to thank volunteers for all that they do - an in-person shout-out during a shift, and sometimes via an email or card - but twice a year we celebrate our volunteers in our favorite way: with a party just for them! This year, over 50 volunteers, family and staff came together on a beautiful August afternoon for our 2nd annual End of Summer Celebration...two years can be annual, right?!

The delicious BBQ was thanks to Tyrone Reese and the GCC chefs, and the cake walk treated 11 folks to home-made treats baked lovingly by staff.

Even those who didn’t win the game enjoyed ice cream treats donated by Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, and our Volunteer Bingo saw even more volunteers win GCC swag including our new volunteer shirts, mugs and care baskets. But whether a prize was won or not, the real joy was the chance to talk with and celebrate all that our volunteers have done to keep Goodman on its feet.

Don’t worry if you or another volunteer couldn’t make it - we’ll be back in April for Volunteer Appreciation Week with more celebrations! In the meantime, our staff wants all volunteers to know that we understand how vital volunteering is to upholding our community.

Volunteers, thank you for your work and we hope you continue to lend your time to strengthening lives and securing future – we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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