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Table Wine improves with age

After renting space in Kennedy Place since 2015, Table Wine has moved down the street to 2301 Atwood Ave. — the building formerly occupied by Sugar Shack Records.

November 30, 2022 |
Lucas Tuazon, Table Wine’s director of operations, checks the Atwood Avenue store's vast wine stock.
Lucas Tuazon, Table Wine’s director of operations, checks the wine stock. Table Wine presents bottles that are both budget-friendly and exciting.

By Jody Renaud, Eastside News

Situated on Madison’s east side, Table Wine owner Molly Moran created a unique business offering interesting wines, spirits and beer. After renting space in Kennedy Place since 2015, Moran has now moved her business down the street to 2301 Atwood Ave., where she has purchased the building formerly occupied by Sugar Shack Records.

Being her own landlord will now allow her to make decisions in the best interests of the building and her business. She can place whatever signs she wants, wherever she wants them and have outside plantings.

The interior of the building was gutted, new flooring, new electric and a second bathroom were installed. Fresh paint and a separate area with tables for people to enjoy a glass of wine and conversation makes this a very welcoming space. Moran is also interested in learning more about the history of her building, which was built in 1900 and originally held a grocery store.

Moran has worked for about 15 years in the restaurant and retail wine businesses, both in Madison and Washington, D.C. She had lived in Madison from 2002-2007, and when she returned in 2010, there was no question about the decision to settle down in the Atwood neighborhood.

In 2015, she decided it was time to open her own business, committing to bringing good wine — which is both exciting and affordable — to her clientele. She and her husband Conor, director of the Wisconsin Book Festival, have one daughter Pippa and live only blocks from Table Wine. Moran loves her “commute.”

Table Wine serves opened wines, which can be purchased by the glass. There is a $10 corkage fee to open a bottle of wine if it is purchased to drink on the premises. In addition to its quality wines, the business also offers spirits and beer. The knowledgeable staff are always available to help in choosing a wine.

In addition to experience in wines, staff can provide direction to the interesting selection of spirits also available. Traverse City Whiskey made in Michigan, perhaps not the place most people would think of when they think of a good whiskey, rivals any Kentucky-made whiskey, according to operational manager Lucas Tuazon. Locally sourced cheese and crackers are available for purchase. Food, other than cheese and crackers, can be brought in.

What excites Moran the most about the move, in addition to more space in which people can gather, is providing her customers with the stability of knowing she is here to stay. She estimates around 30 of her regular customers helped with the move. Moran said the Atwood neighborhood is a great community of people, and she feels a part of it even more as the owner of a business.

“(The Atwood area) is a super vibrant and friendly neighborhood,” Moran said.

Table wine is open Sundays and Mondays 12-6 p.m., Tuesday 12-8 p.m. and Wednesday through Saturday 12-9 p.m. To keep up with events or other information, visit

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