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Love & Legacy: The Evolving Role of Donors with Vu Le

Join nationally known social justice advocate and nonprofit blogger Vu Le & learn how equity and justice are tied to love and legacy.

Sep 20, 2023


“We should take the work seriously, but not ourselves.”

Writing about nonprofit work on his blog, Nonprofit AF, Vu Le takes the work of philanthropy very seriously, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously. His blog is littered with his irreverent and often self-deprecating sense of humor. He shines a light on the challenges nonprofits face, and he does it with a brilliant mix of levity and gravity. If you read his article about community-centric fundraising or his pep talk for nonprofit “jedi unicorns,” you’ll quickly see that this is a person who cares deeply about philanthropy and knows just how important nonprofits are to their local communities.

We’ve invited Vu to Madison to share his insights with our incredible community. The evening promises to be thought-provoking and filled with laughter, joy and hope.

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About this Talk

Justice as Legacy: Community Centric Fundraising and the Evolving Role of Donors

Over the past few years of the pandemic and sociopolitical turmoil, the nonprofit sector, including our donors, has been vital in helping individuals, protecting families, and strengthening communities. The challenges we've experienced have spurred many conversations about needed changes to make our work more effective. One of these changes revolves around our fundraising philosophies and practices and the evolution of the partnership between nonprofits and donors. What are some things we must let go? What are some bold and possibly uncomfortable conversations we must have? And where do equity and justice fit into our conception of love and legacy?

About Vu Le

Vu Le (“voo lay”) writes the blog He is the former executive director of RVC, a nonprofit in Seattle that promotes social justice by supporting leaders of color, strengthening organizations led by communities of color, and fostering collaboration between diverse communities. Vu is a founding board member of Community-Centric Fundraising, a movement that aims to ground fundraising practices in racial equity and social justice. Vu was born in Vietnam. He and his family came to the US when Vu was eight. He spent several years in Seattle, attending elementary and middle school, before moving to Memphis, Tennessee, for high school and St. Louis for college and graduate school. He has a BA in Psychology and a Master in Social work. He is a vegan, a father of two kids (ages 10 and 7), and a staunch defender of the Oxford Comma.

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