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Mindfulness Meditation for Older Adults (Thursday Evening)

Weekly on Thursday


This mindful class is a guided meditation, so you don’t have to close your eyes and wonder what you or others are doing.

The class contains three parts:

  • The first part is body scan of different sensations in different parts of your body, with awareness of your breath.
  • The second part is loving kindness meditation. The loving kindness to yourself, to people, to all beings. And specific to your love.
  • The third part is gratitude meditation. This can be shared with the class if you choose to. No one will be required to share.

Class information:

  • Ages: 50+
  • Registration: No registration required
  • Instructor: Laiman Mai

About the Instructor:

Laiman grew up in Hong Kong and currently lives in Madison. She earned an undergraduate degree in philosophy and studied Buddhism in graduate school. She came to UW Madison for her PhD. Laiman started to meditate when she was 19 years old in Chen tradition. She met Thich Nhat Hanh in 1989 in Illinois and went to many retreats with him. She also met Lompo Juniem in Spirit Rock and Garchen Rinpoche in Taiwan and Arizona. She has a master degree in social work and was a child protective social worker for child abuse cases. She has taught meditation for many years.

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