Goodman Community Center | Friends of the Food Pantry

Become a Friend of the Food Pantry & help Goodman fight Dane County's ongoing food crisis!

The data is in, and Goodman's pantry is expecting over 60,000 customers by the end of 2024—that's over 50% MORE people than 2023 (which was also a record breaking year for our pantry).

As a dedicated community drop-off point for Goodman pantry donations, you'll have full access to:

  • Customizable Printed Materials.
  • Digital Sharing Templates and Toolkits (email and social media)
  • Our FotFP Yard Sign or 11x17" poster (for apartments/businesses/other indoor settings).
  • Help and sharing advice from Goodman staff.
  • Specific tips for FotFP food drives.

With your help, we can make donating to Goodman's pantry accessible for more Madisonians.

To become an official Friend of the Food Pantry, contact our Volunteer Manager, Susan, using the contact below. You can also learn more by visiting the FotFP toolkit.

For more information about Friends of the Food Pantry contact:

Susan Ramspacher

Volunteer Manager
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