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The community we serve, the colleagues we work with and the great facility we work in, make the Goodman Community Center a pretty great place to work. We welcome you to read about why our employees love to work here. Our staff is committed to strengthening lives and securing futures of all our participants, customers and facility users, from little ones to older adults.

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Assistant Director of Children’s Programming

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The Assistant Director is part of the Leadership team at the Goodman Community Center.  In this capacity, the position oversees all aspects of the children’s programs, ensuring organization, coordination and facilitation of activities that result in securing futures and strengthening the lives of our early childhood and elementary school age children and their families.  These activities focus on: life-long learning, health and wellness, and community engagement and leadership emphasizing best practices throughout all programs at the Goodman Community Center. 

Job Description

The relationships are at the core of the Goodman Program. This position works with key stakeholders (parents, schools, the children, and other community partners) giving children the strong foundation they need to be successful in school and community. At Goodman, we meet people where they are and recognize that each person’s experience has shaped who they currently are. It is with this lens that we approach each child and family member as a unique individual.

All elements of the program for children should be guided by best-practices in elementary afterschool, childcare, accreditation and licensing regulations, Wisconsin Continuing Improvement in Afterschool Standards, and other desired and grant or funder required program outcomes.


  1. Work with the Director of Programs to implement methods of assessment to measure progress toward goals. Oversee the assessment process to ensure achievement of programmatic goals. Work with staff to make program adjustments as necessary
  2. Work with Assistant Managers to develop outreach and recruitment plans for Early Childhood and Elementary Afterschool programs. Goal is 100% enrollment, with a minimum of 75% low-income family participation.
  3. Ensure that outreach to children and parents in low-income areas is occurring to encourage their successful participation in the programs.
  4. Ensure policies created and disseminated are consistent with program goals and mission of the Goodman Community Center. As policies are developed, use an equity lens and consider unintended consequences.
  5. Provide leadership for enrollment process in alignment with administrative processes which support enrollment for both programs.
  6. Work closely with -Program Director, staff and Finance to develop and implement comprehensive orientation for parents/caregivers of children in programs.
  7. Facilitate the planning of school year and summer camp programming looking for innovative approaches while using best practices and quality childcare as the basic guide.
  8. Keep informed on local and statewide trends involving the afterschool and early childhood education fields, best practice, and family care needs.
  9. Ensure that regular activities occur for children and families who are not part of the enrollment based programming.
  10. Work with the Director of Programs and the Anesis Mental Health staff to provide support to parents of children and their teachers so that they can have access to additional resources and community agencies. Initiate/facilitate referrals where necessary.
  11. Provide a supportive structure that allows a teacher to be 100% engaged with children and their activities during program time.
  12. Oversee Lead Teacher engagement with school day teachers and parents.
  13. Ensure staff files are kept up-to-date, including: job descriptions, registry certification, licensing requirements, professional development requirements, GCC smart goals and performance measurements.

Partnerships and Sustainability

  1. Promote GCC as a leader in Children’s programs by representing GCC children’s programs on committees or presenting at conferences (or delegate to staff when appropriate).
  2. Develop and support partnerships with other agencies, programs and institutions that align with the mission, goals and outcomes of the GCC children’s programs.
  3. Maintain regular communication with GCC partner schools and associated MMSD district staff to build and support innovation, partnerships that result in stronger programs and better outcomes for children.
  4. Work with the Director of Programs and Development Director to steward relationships with current and potential funders/donors of the GCC childcare programs.
  5. Support the program promotion and visibility through ensuring that staff are contributing to the EastSide News, events and social media.

Leadership Team

  1. Participate in the Leadership meetings and the implementation of the GCC strategic planning process.
  2. Work with other Assistant Directors, Managers and the Director of Programs to create consistency among program expectations, rules and procedures.
  3. Work with the Assistant Directors, Managers and the Director of Programs to identify and integrate equitable practices, policies, and processes into childcare programs.
  4. Work with the Assistant Directors, Managers and the Director of Programs to integrate Goodmanship into programs across the center.
  5. Work with the Assistant Directors, Managers and the Director of Programs to integrate family engagement into programs across the center.
  6. Work with Assistant Director of Youth Programs and Director of Programs to create 5th to 6th grade transition programs.
  7. Work with Assistant Director of Early Childhood education and staff to further strengthen 4K-5K bridging opportunities.

Staff Supervision

  1. Directly supervise the Assistant Manager of Early Childhood Education, the Assistant Manager of Elementary Programs, and the CLC Coordinator.
  2. Support the Assistant Managers’ in the supervision of the teaching staff.
  3. Monitor and ensure that staff is meeting with teachers and children in the school(s) during school hours.
  4. Set aside time to observe classrooms and support the Assistant Managers in building skills around positive language and problem solving with kids.
  5. Work with the Director of Programs and Human Resources Director to identify programmatic and individual professional development needs and SMART goals.
  6. Notify Director or Programs, and work with Human Resources Director to implement any corrective action planning or performance improvement plans for childcare staff.
  7. Work with Assistant Managers to provide staff with timely feedback, create weekly staff meeting agendas and facilitate when needed. Ensure meeting minutes are kept and able to be shared with the Director of Programs.

Administrative Duties

  1. Delegate and supervise to ensure maintenance of teacher files for children’s programs. Ensure adherence to the policies and procedures of city accreditation, state licensing, CACFP, and the Goodman Community Center.  Take lead on gathering materials needed for licensing and accreditation reviews and audits.
  2. Participate in annual budget process and manage the approved program budget to ensure appropriate and allowable expenditures.
  3. Work with the Program Director to ensure that all required data, evaluation processes and reporting requirements are planned and implemented and completed in a timely fashion.
  4. Ensure adherence to standards and quality of program meets all Contract obligations.
  5. Work with the Human Resources Director and Director of Programs in all aspects of hiring and staff development.
  6. Work closely with Finance Department and Director of Programs to determine process for scholarships and fees for enrollment in programs
  7. Communicate with parents, inform them of program, policies and schedules.
  8. Oversee the data collection, program evaluation and program and grant reporting for all children’s programs.
  9. Annually review and suggest policy updates/recommendations to Director of Programs.
  10. Approve all time off requests and ADP Time Cards by required deadline.
  11. Complete all Manager/Supervisor responsibilities outlined in Continuous Quality Improvement process.
  12. Participate in development and fundraising activities as needed.
  13. Support a high quality volunteer management program by supporting and training volunteers, providing a staff volunteer Liaison for each program and by communicating volunteer needs and feedback to the volunteer coordinator.
  14. Participate in the Manager on Duty training and rotation.


  • 5 plus years of experience working in a licensed child care center as a teacher or Center Director.
  • At least 3 years of experience with fulltime, supervisory responsibilities in a childcare or out of school time setting.
  • Required educational qualifications (early childhood degree, or coursework and experience) as outlined by the Department of Children & Families for a Center Director- capacity over 50.
  • Program planning and program management experience.
  • Experience working with economically, racially and ethnically diverse populations.
  • Experience with budget management and oversight.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

Special Position Requirements

  • Knowledge of State Day Care Licensing Rules and Regulations and City of Madison Accreditation.

Guidelines, and CIPAS, CACFP guidelines.

  • Knowledge of Madison resources, program resources and a diverse range of activities.


  • Bachelor degree in early childhood education, social work or related field.
  • Familiarity with Creative Curriculum.
  • Valid Driver’s license and good driving record. Willingness to drive a 15 passenger van.
  • Multi-lingual.

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