Goodman Community Center | International Women's Day
We will be closed for Thanksgiving Nov. 24-25, including fitness center, events and all programming. Our food pantry will be closed this week, Nov. 22-24.

Thank you for your support!

We needed your help to raise $30,000 for Girls Inc., and once again you turned up for the youth in our community! Thanks to you, we'll be able to buy Girls Inc. merchandise for all of our sites, as well as fund important Girls Inc. programming this spring and summer.

International Women’s Day: March 8, 2022

Every year, we celebrate this important day with a fundraiser for Girls Inc. of Greater Madison, a program that helps girls and female-identifying youth across the Greater Madison area connect with mentors, learn to be strong leaders and explore opportunities in a variety of subjects.

“Girls deserve a space where they can feel able to be open and vulnerable, especially when they have other girls around them to support them.”

It's more than just a t-shirt...

It's connection. It's pride. It's love.

Help us provide Girls Inc. branded merchandise all of our Girls Inc. sites across the city.

You helped us fill this grid!

We wanted to provide all of our Girls Inc. of Greater Madison partner sites with Girls Inc. merchandise to share with their participants, and thanks to your generosity, we'll be able to do that and fund this wonderful program for the rest of the year.

Connecting with Community

The last two years have been hard on our youth and our program. Things were disjointed, separated. Our youth didn’t feel connected. In a way, it feels like we’re starting from scratch, rebuilding connection not only between youth and Girls Inc. facilitators, but also among the young people themselves.

Things like t-shirts and sweatshirts go a long way to help youth feel more connected, to feel like they’re part of something bigger.

And we’re not going to stop there.

We set a goal of raising $30,000 by the end of March.

$10,000 for merchandise and $20,000 to support the incredible Girls Inc. programming happening across the greater Madison area.

Your gift today will help hundreds of youth across Madison feel more connected to their peers and trusted adults, which is vital to their mental health and long-term well-being. That’s a solid investment in the future of our community.

A mixed race woman hugs a young Black girl at a gala celebrating Girls Inc. of Greater Madison.

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Be a Champion for Girls

When you give to Girls Inc. of Greater Madison, you'll become a member of our Champions for Girls giving circle. And more importantly, you'll be supporting youth as they become STRONG, SMART and BOLD.

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Youth who participate in Girls Inc. of Greater Madison...*

  • Are happy with how their bodies look (79.5%)
  • Like to try new things (75.8%)
  • Are hopeful about their future (84.9%)
  • Report that they have an adult in their life who believes they will be successful (95.8%)
  • Have visited or plan to visit a college (83.4% of middle and high school youth)
  • Believe they can use what they know to solve "real life" problems in their community (82.8%)
  • Agree it's important to manage your money well (100%)

*Results of a 2019 survey of Girls Inc. of Greater Madison elementary, middle and high school participants.

“It gives me a thing that I feel like I can be a part of. There are so many people out in the world that can judge you but this is a welcoming thing.”

For more information about giving to Girls Inc. of Greater Madison contact:

Dani Luckett

Chief Development Officer
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