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TEENWorks High School Program

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TEENworks participants are learning critical employment skills while learning in a supportive, hands-on environment. High school students are actively training in three career pathways at the Goodman Community Center, including culinary arts, early childhood education, and maintenance and grounds. TEENworks also operates the Goodman Community Center's Seed to Table program, an innovation campus in partnership with the Madison Metropolitan School District. If you're interested in teaching from our lesson plans, please download our Seed to Table Curriculum. It's over 400 pages!

Brassworks Open House laura zastrow photography brassworks 001 62webYouth age 16-21 who are working towards a high school diploma or equivalency and are interested in learning employment skills can attend attend paid TEENworks  trainings throughout the summer. To inquire about upcoming trainings, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 608-204-8036. 

Watch TEENworks cooking videos produced in collaboration with MOD Media Producations and The Bubbler at Madison Public Library:

Chop Chop Productions | Cookin' Cuts | Welcome to Chilli's | Fruit Pizza

Application for Employment

Complete this TEENworks Application to apply for jobs at the Goodman Community Center.

TEENworks built and distributed over 100 herb boxes to the community
TEENworks built and distributed over 100 herb
boxes to the community

"Seed to Table" Innovation Campus is a partnership with MMSD at the Goodman Community Center. Interested MMSD students can attend school for credit at Goodman, working in the kitchen, gardens and woodshop learning skills in the food service and agricultural industries.

The Innovation Campus is based in the highly successful Seed to Table Curriculum. Seed to Table uses inquiry-based methods to teach science, social studies, mathematics, and language arts. The campus is staffed by a certified MMSD teacher who provides classroom-based instruction in mathematics and language arts that supports the hands-on learning of science and social studies, taught through field-based community service. The curriculum has shown remarkable success in engaging students in learning.

Seed to Table prepares youth for post-secondary education or careers in the represented areas. Students who are most likely to be successful in this program:

  1. are over 15 years of age
  2. have reading proficiency at least 9th grade and pre-algebra skills
  3. have an interest in Urban Agriculture, Culinary Arts and/or Food Preservation
  4. are motivated to commit to the program which operates inside and outside of normal school hours,
  5. are open to the support, structure and guidance afforded by a small student-to-staff ratio.

Earn 1 Science Credit, .5 Elective Credit, and up to $600

Students need to be prepared to be active and outside for part of every day. Students may experience uncomfortable working environments including heat, cold, rain, dirt, sun and insects. Students will be expected to wear closed-toe shoes, long pants in the kitchen, and the provided uniform shirt and name tag.

To earn full credit and receive full pay students cannot miss more than 3 days during the summer. Students with more than 3 absences will be dropped from the program. For students that successfully complete the program there will be opportunities for further employment. Students must be 16 years of age or older and be able to obtain a work permit.

Interested students should complete a Seed to Table Application. Students will be interviewed and those selected for this opportunity will need to complete necessary paperwork.

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Culinary Arts

The Iron Works Cafe, senior meal program and Working Class Catering are all made possible by youth in the culinary career pathway. These students have been learning safe food handling techniques, as well as the history and science behind a variety of foods. Students in the culinary program have also been assisting in the food pantry.

Maintenance and Grounds

Maintenance and grounds students have been keeping the Goodman Center clear of snow and windows and rooms clean for the next user. These youth are learning how to safely use a variety of hand and power tools and the mathematical concepts necessary for building projects. These teens are also volunteering rebuilding bicycles for Wheels for Winners.

Early Childhood Education

TEENWorks students also assist in the preschool program. These students are learning about child development concepts. The teens have developed some of their own craft activities to share with the children.

As a community, we are thankful for all the effort that our student workers give every day to help run Goodman Community Center. If you see a TEENWorks employee give them some positive encouragement.