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Women of Worthington


Our Misson

To have a community of women who support and nurture one another and their community.

Our Goals

  • Create a sisterhood where women come together to grow, learn from and support one another.
  • Develop emerging female leaders to be confident and competent in their natural skills and strengthen their areas of needed growth as they grow gracefully and with confidence into leadership positions.
  • Create and promote a safe community for all to live in.

We strive to create a space for women where we honor:

  • Confidentiality: What is said here stays here. We do not gossip or try to bring one another down. We uplift therefore keep things confidential. 
  • Supportiveness: All of us are more able to walk in this world positively with our heads held high when others walk with us and encourage us.
  • Authenticity: We desire and encourage genuine, honest, heart-to-heart sharing; and care enough to lovingly speak the truth.
  • Compassion: We try to be present for one another; and, It is in the times of deep crisis, grief, and doubt that we need each other the most. That’s when we try to be there most for one another.
  • Community - We respect differences, and strive to be considerate of each other’s feelings, and be patient with everyone. We want to build a strong community

We accomplish our goals through:

  • Empowerment: Support, encouragement, education and training, in a community of women, can enable us to take charge of our lives and become agents of change as we advocate for ourselves, our families and our community.
  • Inclusiveness: We believe that diversity strengthens and enriches every aspect of our lives.
  • Collaboration: We will actively seek meaningful and productive partnerships with our neighbors, area service providers and other organizations to strengthen our mission and goals.

Discusion Topics

Time Out for Me

  • How to figure out what you need vs. what you want
  • Spending quality time on yourself so that you can be better for others
  • How to be selfish – or is that healthy - with your time and energy
  • Parenting skills
  • Community building
  • Communication and building collaborations

The Valuable You

  • Knowing your value, sub-conscious programming
  • Rewrite your bio or story
  • A look at your past, list your accomplishments
  • Your language: stop waffling, conditional words, act as if

Get Out There

  • What community service can entail
  • Holistic leadership (women are good at)
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Pulling others in

Being sick and tired

  • What depletes you
  • What restores you
  • Managing Change
  • Reactions to change
  • The cycles, predicting up and down
  • Where loss comes in, replenishing loss

Managing your mood

  • Managing states of mind
  • What to do with the blues
  • How to get unmet needs met

Being more Creative!

  • Sparking innovation and creativity
  • Trip to Dream Bank

What trust gets you?

  • Elements of trust
  • Ways to build it
  • Listening to negative self-talk, can tear down relationship

Time Management

  • Assessing what you do well
  • Time management what’s working and what’s not
  • How to manage you and your family more effectively
  • Urgency vs importance

Money Mindsets

  • What does prosperity mean to you
  • Your financial picture and how to improve it
  • Rethinking your path to prosperity

Painless meetings

  • The personality of a meeting
  • Great ground rules