Goodman Community Center | Guidelines

Please keep in mind

  • Goodman Community Center strives to keep our rates affordable for everyone in our community. This does mean that we expect our facility users to support the event’s clean-up.
  • There may be other events and activities elsewhere in the buildings.
  • Goodman Community Center is located in two different buildings, Ironworks and Brassworks, which are about a block apart. Please indicate to your guests which building, address, and room your event will take place.


  • No outside alcohol. The Goodman Community Center has a liquor license. All alcoholic beverages served or consumed on the premises must be purchased, prepared and served by the Goodman Community Center. For pricing information please see our Working Class Catering Menu.
  • Leave the room at least as tidy as you found it. Facility users are to remove any event items brought in, and to place garbage and recyclables in proper containers. See the Facility-use Guidelines for further information.
  • Leave no residue. Do not use glue, putty or high adhesives tapes, e.g. duct or masking tapes. Instead use gaffer or painters tape, as that’s what the GCC has been using for years. And please, no glitter, confetti, sequins, etc.
  • Do not damage walls, carpets and other surfaces. Do not use screws, tacks, nails, pins or other pointy things to post materials. Use painters tape and string, or magnetic hooks and clips when possible.
  • The Goodman Community Center does not endorse or support any political or religious groups using space at the center. Any political or religious group is a private facility renter.