Goodman Community Center | Gymnasium


Ironworks Map
Women in gymnasium hanging from ceiling on aerial silks

Photo: Laura Zastrow Photography

Building Ironworks

Size 8,800 sq. ft.

Dimensions 110ft x 80ft

AV Access None

Bar None


The Gym is for sports league use only, and is not available for private parties. Available to rent sides A and B as a whole (approx. 110ft x 80ft), or halved by a heavy (though not sound-proof) curtain.

Both Gym A and Gym B may be rented separately or together. Each side has three basketball hoops and is equivalent in size to a professional volleyball court. We have the nets for that, too!

The Gym comes furnished as is with a two-tiered and a three-tiered bleacher seat on each side for about 40 seats per side. There are often extra tables and chairs that have been retired from the other GCC buildings, but we do not transport newer furniture from other buildings for use in the Gym.

Space and times are very limited, so plan ahead.

Security deposits are required for most events in the gym. These deposits are refunded by check via post after the space and equipment have been found to be left tidy and undamaged.

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