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It's such a nice place to meet old and make new friends. We come here for meals most everyday. There's bingo and card playing. We love to play cards. We are very, very fortunate to have a Center like this where we can enjoy ourselves eating, mixing fun with many activities.
Eldon, senior
2015-09-08, 14:25
Over here at the VIP program, they will talk to you about getting back on the right path. It's a good feeling when someone's looking out for you
Isaiah, high school student
2015-09-08, 14:24
My gentle exercise class is very important to me. It keeps me moving. We do things that are always at our ability to do them.
Phyllis, senior
2015-09-08, 14:23
Last year, we made cucumbers, basil, a lot of stuff which were really nice. We first had our own squash grow and then me and my friend Talandra, we were on the news cover, so it was pretty awesome. I was with Atwood preschool all the way up to now and there are some teachers that still work here that are really's kind of a like a memory...when I was in kindergarten all the way up until now, so I think it's pretty awesome.
Infinity, Garden Fit & Girls Inc.
2015-09-08, 14:22
One of the things that the food pantry customers have told us is that even though our pantry is small, what they like about is that there's so much choice. I think that everybody who volunteers here cares about people and we do develop personal relationships with the people that we serve and we care about them and want to make sure that they get the most that they can get from us.
Marolyn, food pantry volunteer
2015-09-08, 14:22
This place has helped us...different programs, dance. My son's in basketball. They help with food pantry when we're low on food. It just makes quite a bit of difference when you're a single parent and they have support groups.
Martina, mother
2015-09-08, 14:21
The volunteers are great. You can talk to them. You can tell them your problems. They listen. They give you advice. They tell you good word, 'Don't worry. You'll be okay.' I haven't been in many food pantries, but this one is not only a food pantry, but you have friends here too. Volunteers become your friends. It's like a part of your family.
Isabella, food pantry customer
2015-08-06, 13:52
My kids, every single morning...I love my kids and I play a lot with them, but every single morning when they get up, they want to come here. Even when they're sick, they still want to come here.
Hassanatou, mother
2015-06-29, 13:25