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2017-2018 Annual Report

Expanding our impactIn September 2018 we opened the doors to the Brassworks building housing all of our middle, high school, college, and career readiness programs as well as beautiful space for our community. The Ironworks building reconfiguration will be done by June when we will be opening five new community rooms, an expanded food pantry, a new classroom, and the relocation of the fitness center to the gym. The last year has truly been a whirlwind of building renovation and planned program expansion, but our mission has remained at the core – to introduce people young and old to things that help ignite their dreams and fuel their potential. We are most certainly strengthening lives and securing futures … with your help.

Expanding our impact data

Early Childhood Education (ages 3-5)

  • 87 children served
  • 85% are supported by funding/GCC scholarships

Elementary (grades K-5th)

  • 293 children served
  • 86 attended daily afterschool programming
  • 110 enrolled in summer camp

Older Adult Programming

  • 475 participants with 864 unduplicated program hours
  • 10% of regular participants are homeless
  • 82% living below 30% of Dane County median income

Girls Inc. of Greater Madison

  • 810 girls at 26 sites (21 school sites, 5 community centers) 
  • 12,000+ hours of Girls Inc. programming
  • 74.3% of participants agreed that they will go to college


  • 202 youth were served
  • 83 students received high school credit at the Center
  • 100+ students were connected with paid employment


  • 205 middle school youth served with 1,044 hours of program
  • 314 high school youth served with 833 hours of program

Fit Youth Initiative (FYI)

  • 698 youth served, ages 3-18, across all FYI sites 
  • 1,000+ hours of programming at Goodman 

Fritz Food Pantry

  • 375,000 pounds of food distributed — increase of 15%
  • 6,400+ families served, 120+ per week
  • 3,500 Thanksgiving baskets distributed + 500 additional turkeys
  • 12,000 summer Hunger Heroes weekend meals distributed

By the numbers

Volunteers : 2,900 unpaid volunteers donated 27,905 hours 

Facility use : 36,955 visits by 139,418 individuals

Donors, fiscal & in-kind : 3,502 people and organizations donated // 1,386 new donors

Social media : 8,867 Facebook followers // 2,362 Twitter followers

Employment : Average of 115 full- and part-time staff


Unrestricted public support, revenue and gains

Grants 2,208,318 

Contributions 3,274,352 

User Fees and Tuition 765,067 

Investment Returns 256,703 

Other  494,827

Total $6,999,267*



Personnel 3,676,607 

Program Supplies/Activities 1,125,852 

Contractual Services 327,754 

Occupancy 209,006 

Depreciation 432,819 

Financial Services 168,124 

Office Supplies/Phone/Equipment 193,496 

Insurance 56,045 

Printing/Postage 72,669 

Staff Training 44,598 

Total $6,306,970

This financial information has been condensed and should be read in conjunction with our audited financial statements.*The revenue in this report includes $1,046,068 of capital campaign gifts. Those contributions are restricted to the construction and renovation work at the Center.

Board of Directors

For a complete list of our board of directors, view our webpage.