Goodman Community Center | Annual Report

Our 2019/2020 fiscal year is the story of a year split in two. It started as every year would, with welcoming students back to the Goodman Center for fall programming, followed just as swiftly by our Thanksgiving Basket drive. As we gathered to celebrate Girls Inc. on International Women’s Day, little did we know the next week, everything would change.

On March 16, Madison schools closed, and the Goodman Center shifted gears. Our food pantry transitioned to a drive-thru operation, and our staff got to work figuring out how they could get food to our neighbors who rely on us when the Center is open. Meal delivery to north- and east-side families, as well as older adults, was born, driven by our kitchen staff and supported by teachers and hospitality assistants, managers and directors. It was all hands on deck to serve our community.

While all of this was happening, teachers got to work figuring out how they could engage students in a virtual world, and by May, they were planning how they could bring kids back to the Center for summer camp safely.

This report reflects our 2019/2020 fiscal year, which runs from Sept. 1 through Aug. 31. As you know, these services to our community didn’t stop at the end of the fiscal year. They continue on today, and will continue until we can safely reopen our doors to everyone in our community.

All of this work – this essential support – was possible thanks to the outpouring of generosity we received from our community. While our staff was selflessly working to get our neighbors what they need, you kept turning up with donations and words of support, often without us even needing to ask.

It was a year for the books – one we don’t care to ever repeat, but we’ll always remember because you reminded us just how strong this community of ours is. Thank you.

Goodman Community Center Financials

Fiscal Year 2019-20

Unrestricted public support revenue and gains

PPP Loan 784,900

Government Grants 1,422,611

Contributions 4,337,696

User fees and tuition 872,528

Investment returns 226,939

Other 92,839

TOTAL $7,737,513*


Personnel 4,050,540

Program supplies and activities 795,643

Contractual services 333,317

Occupancy 445,847

Depreciation 581,098

Financial services 402,069

Office supplies/phone/equipment 425,901

Insurance 69,845

Printing and postage 260,272

Staff training 49,927

TOTAL $7,414,459*

Change in net assets without donor restrictions $323,054

This financial information has been condensed and should be read in conjunction with our audited financial statements which are available upon request. *Revenue in this report includes capital campaign gifts which will be used for renovation and construction costs of the Center’s buildings. We have not included restricted revenue which has been promised but will not be received until future dates.

Board of Directors

Find a complete list of our board of directors here.