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2018-2019 Annual Report

While our fiscal year 2018-19 ended last September, it seems like forever now. In March, we shifted to serve our community during the coronavirus pandemic. We ALL long for the day when our buildings are bustling again — with people of all ages here for programs, meetings, food pantry, fitness classes and community celebrations. Because, with your help, we made a difference in so many people’s lives.

If you’d like to read a summary of impacts we made last year — with the help of our generous community — read this letter from Becky Steinhoff, GCC executive director. There you’ll see some great examples of how we’re strengthening the lives of little ones to older adults and their families.

Goodman Community Center financials fiscal year 2018-19

Unrestricted public support revenue and gains

Government grants 1,107,342

Contributions 4,595,894

User fees and tuition 1,330,829

Investment returns 240,634

Other 122,051

TOTAL $7,396,750*


Personnel 4,093,083

Program supplies and activities 1,260,950

Contractual services 375,075

Occupancy 263,807

Depreciation 569,880

Financial services 429,541

Office supplies/phone/equipment 220,028

Insurance 66,259

Printing and postage 69,718

Staff training 40,746

TOTAL $7,389,087*

Change in net assets without donor restrictions $7,663

This financial information has been condensed and should be read in conjunction with our audited financial statements which are available upon request. *Revenue in this report includes capital campaign gifts which will be used for renovation and construction costs of the Center’s buildings. We have not included restricted revenue which has been promised but will not be received until future dates.

Board of Directors

For a complete list of our board of directors, view our webpage.