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2016-2017 Annual Report

This past fiscal year was a year of remarkable growth, and it’s you — our supporters, funders and community partners — that made that possible. So, thank you. As you look at the numbers and read a few stories, please know we are so grateful to live in a community that invests both the time and financial resources that enable us to help so many people strengthen their lives in meaningful ways.

Last year our staff and board stepped up our commitment to equity and opportunity on behalf of Madison’s children, youth and their families. After completing an equity audit, we offered multiple staff trainings, our staff hosted monthly equity cafes to keep the conversations going, Goodman also hosted community dialogues and book discussions, and program evaluations now focus on outcomes that eliminate disparities and achievement gaps.

School-age children continue to be a priority. Two citywide programs have expanded by both the number of sites offering the programs and the number of students participating. Girls Inc. of Greater Madison has nearly doubled the number of girls we serve, and we’re poised to help even more girls become strong, smart and bold in the coming years. The Fit Youth Initiative, in collaboration with several community partners, served more than 900 children and youth and expanded programming to the Salvation Army Community Center. We also deepened our collaboration with Madison schools through Community Learning Center grants.

Middle and high school youth and staff were trained in UW-Madison’s Youth Adult Partnerships program, making our older youth mutual decision makers in the programs and opportunities that impact them. Our young people are so smart and so perceptive, it is a pleasure welcoming them to the table.

And of course, last year we also completed the design for our new Brassworks building, started construction and launched a capital campaign that by year-end was 80 percent complete. At a time when we’re all feeling a bit divided, how great it will be to open our doors to a beautiful new place designed for us to all come together.

Becky Steinhoff, GCC Executive Director

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Early Childhood Education

  • 103 children received 2,400 hours of programming
  • 100% of our children pass kindergarten readiness tests with flying colors

Elementary Afterschool

  • 230 children received 1,800 hours of programming
  • Children at Goodman for 3 years + no longer need academic support

Middle & High School

  • 472 youth received 5,198 hours of programming


  • 76 students received high school credit towards graduation
  • Nearly 90 students were connected with paid employment opportunities

Girls Inc. of Greater Madison

  • 600 girls at 14 sites received nearly 2000 hours of programming
  • By 2020, Goodman’s Girls Inc. of Greater Madison program will have
    1,500 girls at over 20 sites

Older Adults

  • 690 older adults received 2,338 hours of programming

Fritz Food Pantry

  • 6,062 households used the pantry in 2016 — 120 families per week
  • Pantry use has gone up 40% in the past year
  • 325,000 lbs. of food were distributed — 158,000 lbs. in the pantry
    + 167,000 lbs. in the Thanksgiving Basket drive

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2016 17 impact story King“We’ve been very intentional about creating a very stable environment — so many kids are homeless. That’s fundamental to their doing well.” Per Angela Tortorice, Assistant Director Childcare Programs

According to Angela, “King started in our preschool last summer. He’s a great kid. He had a great summer. But during the couple of weeks between summer camp and the start of 4K in the fall, things fell apart. His family became homeless. So, understandably, he came back a different kid. He was hitting, running away, and crying easily. He was super stressed.”

Angela described one change that’s made a huge difference, “We solidified our staffing so every child can now count on having the same teachers every day. Same rules. Same support. It’s been better for all the kids and it helps our teachers, too.” Angela said that by November, King was back to feeling safe, calm and ready to learn — and play. What every kid deserves.



2016 17 impact story Phyllis“Phyllis Collins always says she doesn’t know what she’d do without this place, but in our senior program, I don’t know what we’d do without her — she’s a big reason we’re known for being a welcoming place,” says Gayle Laszewski, Older Adult Program Manager.

At 85, Phyllis JUST retired, though she’s been a longtime regular for lunch here, and always attends gentle exercise classes. Everyone thinks Phyllis is a gem —she’s often the first one to notice if someone’s missing so she’ll bring a card for everyone to send, and she’s quick to help out if we’re short on servers, or need someone to roll silverware for the meal. She’s also a donor. Like many older adults, she lives on a limited income, but she says, “It costs a lot of money to run this place,” so she surprises us —with surprisingly generous gifts.

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  • 23,074 hours given by 1,954 people
  • Youngest: 5
  • Oldest: 91

Facility Use

  • 25,561 visits by 136,943 individuals

Donors, Fiscal & In-kind

  • 3,454 people and organizations donated
  • 1819 new donors

Social Media Followers

  • Facebook: 7,781
  • Twitter: 2,227


  • Average of 115 full and part-time staff


  • Grants $3,453,328
  • Contributions $2,321,531
  • User Fees and Tuition $758,123
  • Investment Returns $25,486
  • Other $66,650
  • Total Revenue $6,625,118

The financial information has been condensed, and should be read in conjunction with our audited financial statements.


  • Personnel $3,131,636
  • Program Supplies & Activities $900,092
  • Contractual Services $208,016
  • Occupancy $167,623
  • Depreciation $386,595
  • Financial Services $105,141
  • Supplies, Phone, Equipment $190,541
  • Insurance $61,465
  • Printing & Postage $74,135
  • Staff Training $31,277
  • Total Expenses $5,256,521

Capital Campaign

  • Campaign Goal $11,200,000
  • Raised through December 31, 2017 $8,876,117
  • Remaining $2,323,883

We are working hard to expand Goodman’s impact and accelerate making our community good for us all.

Learn more about our campaign and follow the progress of the expansion project at

Board of Directors

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