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The Goodman Center has been here for our community for 70 years, and with you in our corner, we'll be around for another 70 (and then some!). We serve people ages 3 to 103 with our children and youth programs, older adult activities and meals, food pantry, fitness center, event spaces and more. Take a look around and see what we're all about, and then get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

4-Week Retirement Workshop

Retirement: it's a thrilling time filled with chances for reinvention and personal growth. But it can also be an overwhelming time of change. Without a thoughtful plan of action, the onset of retirement can feel like you're lost in the woods. Join us for this workshop, Tuesdays April 9-30.

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Charitable Giving Guide

There are a multitude of ways to give to nonprofits like the Goodman Community Center – so many it can be hard to keep them all straight! We've created a handy Charitable Giving Guide that you can print and keep in your records for a quick reference when you're considering the best way to give.

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Eastside News Cover Story

East High Girls Inc. students lead period product campaign

This is one example of how programs like Girls Inc. give youth the tools they need to make a difference in their community

By Letesha Nelson, GCC chief executive officer and executive director

I can’t stop thinking about something Goodman’s communications team told me recently. They said, “We interviewed some elementary kiddos earlier this week and were surprised and a little heartbroken by the pessimism the kids had when they were talking about the future. There was positivity too, but the pessimism was just striking.”

And I know it’s not just little ones with heavy hearts. Young people in middle and high school are feeling it too.

No surprise, really. They’re soaking up the problems that permeate the news. But what gives me hope is that Goodman, and organizations like us, are there for our kids and making a difference.

Jade Koenigs, GCC Girls Inc. manager, works closely with lots of young people and was reassuring.

“Our young people aren’t pessimistic about the world. They see the problems that exist but they don’t get stuck on ‘this sucks.’ Instead, they say, ‘Okay. These problems exist. Let’s fix them,’” Koenigs said.

Girls Inc. of Greater Madison is one of those programs giving young people the tools and confidence to tackle hard things. Koenigs told me about five Girls Inc. students at East High School who are doing just that.

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Goodman Menders: A Free Mending Service (4th Tuesdays)

Apr 23, 2024
9:00 am–11:30 am

New dates added!


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Meaningful Retirement (For You) Workshop - 4 weeks

Apr 23, 2024
6:00 pm–8:00 pm

A four-week interactive workshop series to help you build your retirement plan.

Older Adults, Community

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Let's Cook Together! Online Cooking Class with UW Med Students

Apr 24, 2024
4:00 pm–5:30 pm

A virtual cooking class for older adults.

Older Adults

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Host Your Event with Us!

Large or small, casual or dressed up – our hospitality team is ready to help you make your event one to remember.


Better Together

Our community is at its best when we stick together.

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The Latest Goodman News

East Side News Celebrates Its Thirteenth Birthday

April 19, 2024

From the archives: Article from December, 1937 issue 

Eastside News Stories, Eastside News Centennial

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What is your plan for retirement?

The emotional impact retirement can cause

April 1, 2024

Retirement can be an exciting time. However, when the reality arrives, one can feel anxious by the loss of routine and direction in life

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