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East Side News Celebrates Its Thirteenth Birthday

From the archives: Article from December, 1937 issue 

April 19, 2024 |

Has Come a Long Way Since the First Issue Was Printed in December, 1924

The East Side News has a birthday this week.

This community newspaper belongs, indirectly to its East Side readers so we say, "Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

With the holiday issue, this year, this weekly newspaper begins its thirteenth year as a part of life on the East Side. It has come a long way since the first issue was printed more as an experiment than as a business venture, back in December, 1924. Today its news is contributed by its own readers, it is written in its own shop, and it 'goes to bed' on its own press.

The East Side News and Print Shop stood at the corner of Second Street and Winnebago Street, ca. 1930. Photo shared by Dorothy Browne Haines

The East Side Print Shop is a few months older than the News and occupied the building now being used by the Midwest Carbonic company, 2016 Winnebago St. At first there was only one printer who worked part-time with the owner, Marshall Browne. This was in October and in December, Mr. Brown decided to publish a weekly newspaper and call it the East Side News. The paper began its career as a five column, 16 ½-inch newspaper just as it is today but the second issue was six columns 20-inches, the most conventional proportion for most weekly newspapers.

After a few years the East Side Print Shop and the News expanded into the little wooden building which now adjoins the present location and which until a few weeks ago was occupied by the Markell Coal company. By the fall of 1930 a move was made to the present location and in the summer of 1934 an addition was built on the back and a new flat bed cylinder press was installed.

Previous to the purchase of a large press, the East Side News was printed in the press room of the Daily Cardinal, University of Wisconsin student publication. But the East Side Print Shop has grown in 12 years and now a regular crew of seven is employed and besides printing its own paper, a number of weekly and monthly publications are printed regularly.

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