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Whether you’re an old friend of Goodman, or just getting to know us, welcome!

The Goodman Community Center is not your average community center. As I get to talking with people about Goodman, they inevitably end up surprised. They’re surprised by how many programs and resources we offer, how beautiful our facilities are, or how many people we serve. Every year more than 30,000 people use the Center — some who come to one event, others who are very familiar faces here.

They’re also surprised by how we keep growing. Thanks to our generous community, we just built and moved into a second beautiful facility across the street, the Brassworks building. We’re now reconfiguring and refreshing the Center’s first home on Waubesa Street, the Ironworks building. During this past ten years, we’ve nearly doubled in size.

Everyone who knows Goodman knows we keep growing and changing. But our growth is driven by something that will never change — our commitment to helping this community become a place where everyone has what they need to create a meaningful life.

I’ve been the director at Goodman for more than 30 years, and I’m proud of how we’ve changed. We haven’t just grown bigger, we’ve grown more effective.

Every program – for our littlest ones to our older adults – is designed around three building blocks to foster:

  1. Academic Success and Lifelong Learning
  2. Community Engagement, Leadership and Life Skills
  3. Healthy Nutrition and Fitness Habits

Why? Research shows these are the core competencies to give kids and adults the tools they need to create the life they imagine for themselves.

Our staff are committed to learning and continually improving, too. That’s why each program uses a variety of tools to measure impacts for both the program overall, and for each individual participant. We use that data to constantly fine-tune what we do — and how we do it.

We’re glad Goodman is one of many organizations in the Madison area who are pouring themselves into making our community great — for us all.  We hope you’ll join us. Because we know that every good thing that happens here is made possible by people like you.

I hope you’ll explore our website, but even better, come visit us!

See you at the Center,

Becky Steinhoff,
Executive Director