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View 4 Inside lobbyThis project was first conceived back in 2014, when a longtime supporter of Goodman saw a for sale sign go up in front of the Madison Brass Works building. She asked Becky Steinhoff, our executive director, to go for a walk and as they passed the old industrial building, she planted the seed, "Becky, why don't you buy it? Wouldn't that ease the stressors of your crowded programs?"

At the time, Becky laughed. But, she knew Becky wouldn't be able to stop thinking about the possibilities. So, two years later, generous friends donated the money for us to purchase the building.

The need is great and Goodman is poised to make our community stronger... for everyone. The Center serves a wide range of community members of all ages, and it has seen exponential growth since 2008.  

Many children and adults are hungry. Many youth are graduating without the skills to navigate a competitive world. Or they aren’t graduating at all. Low-income parents can’t find affordable childcare for their little ones. Many of our elders are isolated and struggling to live on their limited incomes.

View 3 Inside community roomThe new Brassworks facility, located across the street and along the Capital City Bike Path, will allow Goodman to better meet the growing needs present in our community. We will restore the historic facade of the original Madison Brass Works building, and build a total of over 30,000 square feet for education, employment and enrichment programming for youth and community rooms.

The second phase of our expansion plan will involve renovating and reconfiguring our current facilities in the Ironworks building. We will add early childhood and elementary classrooms, consolidate all fitness programs in the gym building, create more spaces for seniors, enlarge the food pantry and add more space for the community to gather.

The Goodman Community Center is poised to make our community stronger. We hope you’ll agree that it’s a very good idea, and help us do more. We know a whole lot of kids with unrealized potential, older adults who need community, and people of all ages who want to connect as a community — with the diverse people who truly make Madison rich.

Soon we'll be rolling out more exciting details on the Brassworks plans. Stay tuned for construction updates, program expansion details and information on how you can get involved as we create Even Greater Good in our community.