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From the Desk of Letesha Nelson

Our Girls Inc. youth are doing some inspiring work – and making history along the way.

March 21, 2024 |
Girls Inc. participants from East High School pose as a group wearing Girls Inc. shirts.

Dear friends and neighbors,

March is Women's History Month. It's also the month we take a minute to honor the young girls and nonbinary youth in our community who are shaping their own present and future every day.

Girls Inc. Student Quote
Quote reads: "Girls Inc. is a space where you can come and share any ideas that you might have to help make the community a better place." Allison, age 16

Earlier this month, we shared the story about a group of Girls Inc. youth at East High who are leading the charge to provide period products to everyone who needs them at the school. They're tackling a taboo topic and bringing it out into the open, and it's so inspiring.

As Jade Koenigs, Girls Inc. manager, explained: "Our young people aren't pessimistic about the world. They see the problems that exist but they don't get stuck on 'this sucks.' Instead, they say, 'Okay. These problems exist. Let's fix them.'"

That's what these young people did. They saw a problem, and rather than wallow, they got to work. How? Thanks to support from adult leaders in Girls Inc., like Jade and her team.

Girls Inc. helps young people find the strength already inside them, and then gives them the tools they need to advocate for themselves and their community.

Just read the way these kids talk about Girls Inc.:

"Often times goals (especially community-action-oriented goals) feel unattainable as a minor and as a girl. However, the support Girls Inc. as an organization, resource and community has given me, has enabled me and my peers to pursue those goals." Kalea, age 16

"Girls Inc. has helped me grow so much as a leader." Ellie, age 17

"What makes Girls Inc. special is that it is what you make of it. If you want a space to just chill, you can have that; if you want a space to make change — like the period project drive — you have a space to do that; and if you want to build a good community, it's the space to be." Elena, age 17

If you read those and feel a bloom of hope inside you, as I do, please make a gift to Girls Inc. Any amount will help young girls and nonbinary youth in our community see how Strong, Smart and Bold they can be.


Letesha Nelson, President & Executive Director

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Inspiring a New Generation of Leaders

A generous couple is matching gifts, up to $10,000 through the end of March. Make your gift today and double your impact!

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