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Tai Chi

This is a remarkable, easy and fun-to-do movement class which involves all muscles, joints, ligaments and bones of the body. Instructions as to how to perform the exercises are given during the session. Chairs are used for stabilization and no mats are necessary. Can be done in ordinary clothing.

    Contact Instructor Rachel Sandretto at for more information.

    Virtual Gentle Exercise

    This gentle mind/body exercise and relaxation program is designed especially for people with arthritis, joint pain or any kind of stiffness that limits movement. These range-of-motion exercises are recommended by doctors and therapists to help keep joints flexible and can be practiced both sitting and standing.

      Instructor Rachel Sandretto is offering online classes via Zoom. Contact her at to get the link to the sessions.

      *These classes have been awarded the Balance Stamp of Approval (BSOA) for meeting the balance-enhancing criteria developed by the Balance Keys Committee of Safe Communities of Madison-Dane County.

      Easy Yoga Plus

      This yoga program was created by instructor Ellen Millar after she trained at Duke University. Experience the benefits of yoga such as: increased energy level, decreased joint stiffness and improved circulation. Ellen Millar, RYT, CCYT, is a certified yoga instructor, and has a passion for bringing yoga to individuals regardless of physical ability.

      Dance Fitness

      Dance fitness is a party that takes the "work" out of workout. Based on Latin American dance rhythms, this class is as fun as it is effective. This class is geared toward older adults and focuses on safe movement and low-intensity aerobic activity that will get your heart rate up!

      Free Blood Pressure / Glucose Testing

      Megan, our volunteer and retired paramedic, is available to help you monitor your blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

      Mindfulness Meditation

      This mindful class is a guided meditation, so you don’t have to close your eyes and wonder what you or others are doing.

      The class contains three parts:

      • The first part is body scan of different sensations in different parts of your body, with awareness of your breath.
      • The second part is loving kindness meditation. The loving kindness to yourself, to people, to all beings. And specific to your love.
      • The third part is gratitude meditation. This can be shared with the class if you choose to. No one will be required to share.

      Line Dancing

      Have fun and make new friends while learning and practicing line dances, lead by instructor Pam Fisher. Music will feature country, rock, Latin and more! Recommended $2 donation per session.

      Thanks to our volunteers for offering these resources to help keep us active and well.

      Join us!

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