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Lussier LOFT High School Programs

The Lussier LOFT at the Goodman Community Center offers programs for high school youth, designed to enhance their success at school, at home and in their community.

LOFT Webpage Photo w logo 1Our high school Enrichement programming, TEENworks program and Transition Academy aim to provide young people with opportunities for holistic development in the areas of: 

  • Academic development and support 
  • College and career readiness 
  • Leadership 
  • Community engagement 
  • Health and wellness
  • Social-emotional learning 

Our experienced staff develop clubs and program opportunities designed to help teens find and express their unique voice in telling their story. The LOFT is here for fun, inclusive opportunities to explore, learn and create together. 

To our families: We believe families are the foundation for lifelong learning, and we support each other by sharing resources, responsibilities and celebrating together. To our community: Teens are vital members of our community, and it is our goal to identify and provide opportunities for young people to engage with our community in a meaningful way.

For information about the Lussier LOFT at the Goodman Community Center, contact Alejandra Becerril Estrada, Assistant Director of Youth Programs, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 608-204-8014.

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Explore the tabs below to learn more about the three branches of the LOFT High School Program.


The Goodman Community Center's high school programs for youth grades 9-12 are made possible by a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant, the City of Madison, United Way of Dane County and the generous support of our donors. As a Community Learning Center (CLC), GCC's afterschool programs provide youth with academic and social-emotional enrichment opportunities.

We regularly evaluate the impact of our programs. Annual program reports are made available upon request.

laura zastrow photography mission montage 001 22webThe Lussier LOFT High School Enrichment Program at the Goodman Community Center provides afterschool opportunities for teens in grades 9 through 12. Teens are able to participate in clubs and mini-courses that will equip them with skills related to college and career readiness, leadership, community engagement, health and wellness, and social-emotional learning, as well as all-around support.

For more information about LOFT High School Enrichment, contact Weethne Dorvil, High School Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 608-241-1574, ext. 8076.

2020/2021 School Year

These opportunities are currently available for Fall 2020. You can come to the LOFT on the regular for mini courses (2+ days per week) or register for CLC clubs at the links below.

Ages: 9th – 12th grade 
Days: Monday – Friday 
Times: 03:30pm – 6:30pm 
Fee: FREE for all participants.  

LOFT Mini Courses | East High CLC Clubs

Computer Lab Drop-in 
This is a designated time where you can drop by Goodman and utilize our teen lounge to complete homework, utilize computers and WI-FI for academic and social enrichment. High School staff will be available for support.

The Future is Now 
Figuring out careers can be extremely difficult. This mini course will help you identify your interest and skills and connect those to career avenues. We will also focus on informational interviews and connect students with internships if possible. By the end of this course, students should have a better understanding of their career interest and opportunities within the Madison area.

Change Your Character 
Using the world of online video games to bring teens together to compete against one another and work together to overcome different challenges in an array of games. Playing many current games like Among us, NBA 2k, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros and other games of your choice. Using different platforms to get everyone a chance to show their skills against competitors building on respect and communication in victory and defeat.

East Sport Study Table 
GCC is working alongside the East High School Football team to provide academic support through a virtual study hall format.

Africa Club 
Africa Club is a sponsored CLC Club through the Goodman Community Center's LOFT High School program. The High School programming based at the Goodman Center aims to support youth in their holistic development by providing programming rooted in: academic development and support, promoting community engagement and life skill development, and engaging youth in health and wellness experiences and education.

Youth Council 
Youth Council focuses on building and sharpening youth leadership. You will learn about leadership framework and styles and also work along with leadership at the Goodman Center to discuss youth needs at the Center and within the broader community.

Hip-Hop Club 
Hip-Hop Club is a space where youth can come together and work on their passion within the elements of Hip-Hop. We focus on music writing, beat making, performance/delivery and recording tracks. This club meets at the Goodman Center on Wednesdays from 10am to 12pm, and we also have the option of meeting virtually.

Get Here and Vote 
This mini-course will engage students in the history and process of voting in the United States. There will be an opportunity for students to assist with voter registration and absentee ballot tables here at GCC.

Above the Rim 
During this mini course, you will learn and participate in different fitness activities that are fun as well as safe for our current times. This will help students stay active and healthy and learn innovative activities to use independently.

Peace of Mind 
Giving the space for you to talk and hang out with other students that want to talk about different life challenges. Focusing mainly on social media, peer pressure and what is expected of you as a high school student. There will also be space to bring up your own topics and have an open discussion that can lead to a better understanding or more comfort in the topic. By the end of this mini course, you should have a better feeling of understanding yourself and others and how different things effect different people.


Photo by Laura Zastrow Photography.

A Day at GCC 071515 CREDIT Laura Zastrow Photography 10TEENworks participants learn critical employment skills in a supportive, hands-on environment. Through this program, high school students have the opportunity to train in several career pathways at the Goodman Community Center, including culinary arts, working with youth and coaching youth sports. We plan to continue to expand upon these opportunities as this program grows.

TEENworks youth earn an hourly wage while receiving paid training in skills like resume writing, interviewing and appropriate workplace behavior. All youth work toward a national certification specific to their chosen pathway, and TEENworks participants are also eligible to earn the Employability Skills certificate and high school credit.

For more information about the TEENworks program, contact Catie Tollefson, TEENworks Manager, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 608.204.8020.


Current Career Pathways

Culinary Arts 
The Goodman Community Center’s Working Class Catering is made possible by youth in the culinary career pathway. These students work alongside culinary professionals to develop skills in a commercial kitchen setting. They learn safe food handling techniques, as well as the history and science behind a variety of foods. Students in the culinary program also assist in our Fritz Food Pantry.

Youth Coaching Youth Coaching 
In collaboration with the Fit Youth Initiative (FYI), youth take leadership roles in working with and coaching preschool and elementary students in health and fitness activities. Not only do TEENworks teens provide skills coaching to these young children, they also develop relationships that foster social-emotional growth in these kiddos.

Seed to Table Preservation CSA 
TEENworks participants who enroll in the Seed to Table Preservation team work with food from the very early stages – learning gardening and harvesting skills – through the prep and preservation process. They learn safe food handling techniques, the science behind preservation and proper packaging and labeling of foods. These teens are also responsible for walking shareholders through each month’s basket, which teaches them valuable customer service skills.

Learn more about the Seed to Table Preservation CSA here.

As a community, we are thankful for all the effort that our student workers give every day to help run Goodman Community Center.


Photo by Laura Zastrow Photography.

Alejandra, Assistant Director of Youth Programs (she/her/ella)
Hello! I'm Alejandra, and I lead our amazing group of youth workers. You will meet me during your initial contact with our programs and my goal is to help our programs be as inclusive and accessible as possible. I grew up in Madison but my family's roots are in Mexico. I have a strong sense of pride in my community and my work at Goodman. I love seeing our youth develop and become leaders. Outside of Goodman, I am usually tending to my plants, spending time with my family and learning about social issues. I am always taking recommendations for my next book to read, show to watch and albums to listen to!


Carrie, LOFT Programs Assistant Manager (she/her/hers)
Hello! I'm Carrie. I've worked with youth in community-based education for about 15 years, the last 5 with the LOFT. In my role, I support all teen programs in a variety of ways: organizing, collecting narratives and program data, supporting lesson plan development, strengthening partnerships and trying to help keep the flow going smoothly! I love how this program celebrates the good times and strengthens lives through the hard times. I enjoy getting young people outside to enjoy all the beauty in this world; spending time exploring identity, culture and community; and giving youth a space to explore who they are and understand their value and intelligence. I am thankful to be part of this LOFT family, working with people I adore and young people who inspire me endlessly. When I'm not at work, you'll find me somewhere outside with my family (hiking, biking, gardening, canoeing), reading a good book or eating something really delicious.

High School Enrichment

Ben, O'Keeffe and East CLC Club Coordinator
Hello, my name is Ben Pate I am the CLC Coordinator Lussier LOFT team. I have been working with kids for around 7 years now. I started working in Milwaukee with a company that did athletics with preschoolers, teaching different motor skills while also doing different sports each day. I then worked with the boys and girls club of Milwaukee for a year at a bi-lingual school. Some of the most rewarding work I did was when I worked with kids that were on the spectrum and saw their development over the year. Before coming here I worked with the YMCA until COVID hit and we were not able to go into schools and do afterschool programming. So I made the decision during the time off to move back to Madison where I was raised. I knew moving back that I still wanted to work and help kids grow to be more than what was expected even of themselves to be.


Weethne, High School Manager (he/him/his)
My name is Weethne Dorvil and I am the GCC High School Manger. I moved to Madison from Connecticut, and I have close to 10 years of experience working with youth in the social service and education fields. I realized that GCC was doing amazing work within the community, especially for Black and other families of color, and wanted to be a part of the Goodman family. Outside of work, I love to read, listen to music and go for runs. I can't wait to work and learn from you all!


Vanesa, High School Americorps Member (she/her/hers)
Hello! My name is Vanesa Meneses and I am excited to be joining the Goodman Center as a Service Member from Partners for After School Success (PASS) AmeriCorps. My values in community, mentoring and service drove me to join Goodman in order to advocate for, support and empower our youth. To do so, I will be assisting as an academic coach and in afterschool programming here at the Center. As a recent graduate from UW-Madison, I feel energized and ready to begin positively contributing to the Madison community. Overall, I am excited to get to know, help and learn from the Goodman families and staff!


Catie, TEENworks Manager (she/her/hers)
Hi! My name is Catie Tollefson, and I am the TEENworks manager at the Goodman Community Center. I am a lifelong Madison north-sider and a graduate of East High school and UW-Madison. I gained much of my youth employment experience managing teen employees for more than 20 years at Ella’s Deli. In 2018, I began volunteering at GCC, became the FYI Teen Employment Program Coordinator in 2019, and moved into my current role in 2020. I believe in youth employment training that exposes youth to different work experiences in a supportive environment. To me, a successful teen employment experience develops not only employment skills but also confidence, initiative and a better understanding of long-term, post-high school goals. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the amazing Goodman Community Center family!


Tara, TEENworks Coordinator (she/her/hers)
Hiya! My name is Tara Coberly-Horrall, and I am the TEENworks Employment Coordinator here at the Goodman Center. I have worked at Goodman for the last 4 years, beginning in the Program Kitchen and continuing on with TEENWorks. I work with high school students on learning employment skills through culinary, preservation and other employment opportunities. I like to focus on initiative and leadership development, with the hope that youth are empowered to continue on their life journey, wherever it may take them. Outside of Goodman, I enjoy gardening, anything in the water and going on adventures with friends and family!

Transition Academy

Francisco, Transition Academy Educator (he/him/his)
"All life radiates an invisible field of energy, and its intensity increases with the level of consciousness." -- David R. Hawkins. My favorite food is fried chicken. Born and raised in OKC. Soccer. My favorite thing about LOFT is the rich discussions we have with our youth. Oftentimes I am the one learning when all the people in the room share their personal experiences. I teach entrepreneurship, employment skills, music and life skills.


Gaylene, Transition Academy Educator
Hello! My name is Gaylene, I am the culinary instructor for Transition Academy. I've been working with the youth at the Goodman Community Center for more than a year, and I enjoy working with youth! I'm thankful for the wonderful experiences working with youth to teach them skills that give them the confidence and inner strength they need to survive: skills where they can get a job; learning to use ingredients from the garden straight to the table; eating healthy; cooking for families and friends; and having cooking experiences that last for a lifetime! "Confidence is my shadow it follows me everywhere I go."