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"Altered Worlds" - At the Ballweg Gallery in June 2023

Gail McCoy's June exhibit features intricate collages made from altered paper.

June 1, 2023 |
“Peaceful Pond,” by Gail McCoy, paper collage, 18" x 24" x 1-1/2".

Artist Statement

National Geographic magazine offers an artistic view of nature. I have taken the concept further by altering the ink on its pages and repurposing the paper as my art. The work focuses on cranes, as they are a universal symbol of peace, hope and healing. It all comes down to finding the emotion in the materials and using them to connect the viewer with that emotional experience.

My process begins by manipulating the ink on magazine pages with a citrus solvent. The pages become covered with unexpected shapes and ethereal lines. I cut apart and reassemble the transformed paper into my images about nature. After I watercolor acid-free tissue paper, it is added to each collage for texture contrast. Each work is gallery wrapped, covered with matte medium and coated with UV protectant making it sun and water resistant.

My art offers a means of introspection and at the same time, is grounded in the powerful and universal experience of nature.

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About the Ballweg Gallery

Goodman Center's Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery displays work by emerging and contemporary artists with a tie to Madison. It's free and open for all to enjoy — check out our latest exhibit off the main entrance of our Ironworks Building.

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