Goodman Community Center | Announcement: Goodman is now a balloon…

Announcement: Goodman is now a balloon free space

Help us promote sustainable practices.

March 17, 2023 |
Photo: Urban Anchor Photography

Aligning with Goodman's goal of environmental responsibility, our center will be balloon free as of March 17, 2023.

Balloons can cause harm to the environment in multiple ways. The material balloons are made from, including latex and plastic, degrade slowly, releasing microplastics that end up in the environment for generations.

Popped balloons can become a choking hazard for birds and small mammals. And water bound latex balloons can attract algae, ultimately forming a deadly mistaken meal for creatures like fish and sea turtles.

There are many alternatives to balloon-based decorations. Our hospitality team and TEENWorks program have been designing sustainable centerpieces which have beautifully complimented various center events over the last year. By utilizing the vast garden our center cares for along the east side bike path, we can help you find meaningful, eco-friendly and impactful decorations for your event.

You can learn more about the negative effects balloons and similar items have on the environment by visiting this resource from University of Michigan.

For more information about events or sustainable centerpieces contact:

Laura Springer

Director of Hospitality and Events Management
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