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Birds of Paradise - At the Ballweg Gallery in March 2024

Works on paper by Ellie Braun

February 29, 2024 |
"The Garden" by Ellie Braun, paper and wood burned frame, 12" x 10"

Artist Statement

I am a Midwest-based artist currently residing in Madison. My work explores the tradition of craft, textile and home decoration. I engage in a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, mosaics and textiles.

In many non-Western cultures, color and pattern are used to communicate culture and celebration. The folk art of these cultures, made by the people for the people, creates symbolism and visuals that connect to the environment that surrounds them. Many of these works are hand-crafted, honest and representative of the human experience.

Much of my work comes from the influence of folk art. Grottos, shrines and textiles serve as main inspirations. Through extensive exploration and trial-and-error, I have created my own protectors, manifestations and representation of my environment in my work. I utilize colored pencil, gouache and hand-painted ceramics to create my pieces.

My work largely focuses around color and pattern. I am interested in exploring the way patterns can create predictability and how the mixture of patterns can create organized chaos. I am focused on creating work that celebrates the everyday and embraces chaos.

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About the Ballweg Gallery

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