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From Light Into Dark - At the Ballweg Gallery in September 2023

iPhone art by Tom Turnquist

September 1, 2023 |
“Kayaks at Rest” by Tom Turnquist, iPhone photograph, 16" x 20".

Artist Statement

I see beauty everywhere, especially in nature, and I love to capture it, play with it and make the images brighter or dramatic, softer or more colorful — creating results that are often a bit “ethereal,” at least to my eye. My goal is to create art that gives the viewer a sense of peace and wonder and that generates a kind of “other world” that creates an emotional connection.

For me to make sense of this chaotic world, I need to feel a personal connection to art — mine and others’ — that is calming, heartwarming or thought-provoking. And I hope that through my images, viewers will see the ordinary in a new light and in a way that creates for them a little joy and wonder and hopefully inspires their creativity.


Still photography has been my hobby and passion since 1967, when I got my first Nikon 35mm single-lens reflex camera and became my college’s newspaper and yearbook photographer. But since 2008, all of the more than 15,000 images I have captured have been with an iPhone. For me, a smartphone is the ideal camera simply because it’s with me all the time.

I don’t believe that photographers need expensive equipment to produce beautiful, provocative, frameable works of art. All my work is edited in my phone or on my iPad, using editing apps that are mostly free and available to everyone.

Turnquist has graciously offered to donate all profits from sales of his work during this show to the Goodman Center.

About the Ballweg Gallery

Goodman Center's Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery displays work by emerging and contemporary artists with a tie to Madison. It's free and open for all to enjoy — check out our latest exhibit off the main entrance of our Ironworks Building.

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