Goodman Community Center | Let's Cook Quinoa Bowls Together

Let's Cook Quinoa Bowls Together

The second in-person cooking demo had everyone keen on quinoa.

May 26, 2023 |

A new bunch of UW-Med students—Sonam, Sierra, Eric, Claire and Ally—stopped by to lead a group of hungry folks through a pair of fresh recipes. But the real star of the show this session was quinoa!

All attendees had a chance to help prepare two quinoa recipes: roasted blueberry quinoa breakfast bowls and quinoa tabbouleh, a savory, veggie-packed dish. Everyone was split into two groups and switched off preparing both parts of the evening’s menu. Then together they enjoyed their work, all while having lovely conversations and getting to know the instructors and each other.

The session also included a presentation on the benefits of ancient grains and the importance of fiber and protein in a well-rounded diet. Here are some highlights from the presentation:

  • Ancient grains are a type of pseudo-seed and have gone mostly unchanged over thousands of years.
  • Ancient grains are packed with more nutrients than our modern grains.
  • A grain is "refined" when it is stripped of its outer bran layer and the inner germ. They hold much of the grain’s nutrients and are what fills you up and helps control blood sugar.
  • Quinoa and teff are gluten free. Teff is especially high in protein.
  • Teff grows fast! In 36-hours you’ll have teff ready to harvest and prepare.
  • 25-30 grams of fiber is recommended every day.
  • Insoluble fibers can reduce constipation and future colon complications and counteracts insulin spikes after meals.
  • Soluble fibers improve digestion and lower cholesterol.
  • If something is high in fiber, it will take effort to chew! Low fiber foods will mush or melt in your mouth. Fiber helps keep food from being dissolved by saliva, which means more nutrients for your body to absorb.

At the end of the session, all attendees got to take home their own pot of quinoa seeds to grow at home thanks to the thoughtful instructors. Who knows! Maybe someone will cook these recipes at home with their newly grown ancient grain.

You, too, can cook both quinoa dishes at home using these recipes.

The in-person cooking sessions are an extension of our Let’s Cook Together virtual cooking class. This fun and inclusive cooking class lets you cook in your own kitchen with recipes provided in advanced so you can make the most out of every dish. The Let’s Cook Together summer session will begin July 20. Contact Gayle using the information below to ask questions or register.

For more information about Let's Cook Together contact:

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Assistant Director of Older Adult Program
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