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"Synapses and Mentalectrica" - At the Ballweg Gallery in July 2023

Tom Geis' July exhibit looks to to capture visually those contact moments between brain cells.

June 30, 2023 |
“Excubare” by Tom Geis, acrylic painting on chipboard, 21" x 29"

Artist Statement

“Synapses and Mentalectica” is a self-invented phrase meant to capture visually those contact moments between brain cells. Sometimes the charge is imperative, other times it is inward and contemplative, while there are also moments where the charge is filled with humor and spirit.


Tom Geis started painting during the COVID-19 pandemic as catharsis from the turmoil, uncertainty and isolation surrounding those turbulent times. He has won awards from the Madison Arts Commission for two works, “Excubare” and “popArt2,” which will soon be featured on utility boxes at the corner of East Main and South Webster streets — one block from the Capitol Square. He also earned an honorable mention for “popArt1” during the 2023 Madison Museum of Contemporary Art Spring Gallery Night. Geis is a software engineer emeritus, retiring earlier this year from the University of Wisconsin.

Find Geis’ art online and on Facebook.

About the Ballweg Gallery

Goodman Center's Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery displays work by emerging and contemporary artists with a tie to Madison. It's free and open for all to enjoy — check out our latest exhibit off the main entrance of our Ironworks Building.

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